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Hello everybody,

Myself and the staff team welcomes you to the official SkyRoyale website and to the community overall. We are proud to be able to re-launch, we have a lot to give the community we will be forming together. We currently have a 90% off sale to celebrate the re-release of the network so ensure to take advantage of that whilst you can! Below I’ll introduce what ‘SkyRoyale 2.0’ is as well as our intentions for the future.

SkyRoyale is a network dedicated to the skyblock gamemode with our first realm being ‘Mythic’! In the future we will be providing the network even further realms with a large variety of themes, features and customized content. Future themes would be powered greatly by you, the community; suggestions are highly appreciated and something we value at all times. But do not worry, we won’t only focus on skyblock, we do plan on adding our kitpvp server quite shortly after the release to focus on the part of Royale in our name.

The ‘Mythic Realm’ is our first realm to be released on the network, providing custom features and content relating to a ‘mythical’ and ‘adventure’ theme. Not only have we provided this realm with a great amount of features that are enjoyable yet useful, but we have built upon the classic skyblock experience greatly to allow any kind of member to join the server and play with a refreshing experience!

Not only does the mythic realm have a large variety of features and content but the network as a whole has been optimized to handle larger player counts and intense actions. This allows the creation and long-term use of large farms and flawless gameplay!

In a further below section I will explain the exact features released within the mythic realm. If you are interested in what you are able to do then I suggest taking the time to read this section below (‘Mythic Realm - Content & Features’).

There are many ways to show your support for the server, such as voting daily...
Welcome to our Forums

We finally released our website!

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/p7uAzsx
Our IP: play.skyroyale.net
Our Webstore: buy.skyroyale.net

These forums are now our primary way to communicate with you guys, and for you to post issues. We will be moving some of the roles of our current Discord server - such as the support system - to the forums! We're still upgrading and working on our forums, so expect some modifications over the next few weeks.

You may also notice that the platform is familiar. This is because we're using a version of XenForo, It's easy to adapt to. If you aren't use to these kind of forums.

If you have any suggestions for our forums, please don't hesitate to reach out. Sorry for the bland post, just needed to say something before we put anything out.


Welcome to SkyRoyale an amazing KITPVP & SKYBLOCK server which aim to be the best by giving you an ultimate playing experience

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